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Ventolin is a medicament for putting off allergies attacks (bronchial) and different reversible illnesses with bronchial obstruction. The primary energetic substance is salbutamol.

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Drug Uses

Ventolin is an oral beta 2 adrenergic agonist agent, also known as a short-acting bronchodilator. Ventolin tablets are used to achieve and maintain control of bronchospasms, including those associated with all types of bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (emphysema and chronic bronchitis).

Ventolin drug acts locally and allows decreasing resistance in the respiratory airway by relaxing small muscles in the lungs. The optimal bronchodilator effect is achieved immediately and maintained in the regular treatment with Ventolin tablets.

To prevent the reversible reflex spasm of the smooth muscle in the bronchi, the patient should take one 4mg Ventolin tablet with six or eight-hour intervals. The dosage may be increased to 32mg of Ventolin per day in four divided doses if bronchospasm symptoms control is not achieved. Children of 2 years and old should take one Ventolin 2 mg pill three or four times a day. The same dosing regimen is recommended for older people at the beginning of Ventolin-therapy.

Missed dose

If you missed the prescribed Ventolin dose, take your next dose of this bronchodilator medication as usual, without doubling it.

More Information

Ventolin may be prescribed as the drug of the first or second line. Patients with moderate or severe persistent asthma should take Ventolin pills in combination with other medicines for the bronchospasm treatment.


The bronchodilator medication Ventolin should be stored in its original packaging, in a dry, dark place at room temperature not exceeding 30°C. Keep Ventolin out of sight and reach of children, avoid freezing it.