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A peripheral vasodilator blocks postsynaptic alpha1-adrenergic receptors and forestalls the vasoconstrictive impact of catecholamines. It reduces pressure in the pulmonary veins and the proper atrium significantly. It additionally reduces pulmonary vascular resistance moderately. The therapeutic drug indicators include arterial hypertension, CHF (in aggregate therapy), Raynaud's syndrome and disease, pheochromocytoma, peripheral vascular spasm on the historical past of poisoning with ergot alkaloids. Prostatic hyperplasia

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Drug Uses

Minipress is an antihypertensive agent that stops the increase in diastolic or systolic blood stress. The drug is prescribed to people, tormented by hypertension of various severity grade. Minipress pills are also used in aggregate with different antihypertensive agents, as part of a remedy application of persistent coronary heart failure. The drug is useful for controlling the length and severity of Raynaud's phenomenon symptoms.

To reduce vascular resistance, sufferers are suggested taking 6 to 15 mg of Minipress in step with day in several divided doses. The initial Minipress dose of 2 or three mg per day needs to be increased gradually (if necessary, to 20 mg). The everyday dosage may additionally not often be improved up to forty mg of Minipress.

Missed Dose

If you remembered approximately the ignored dose of Minipress, take it as quickly as possible. In case the time for next prescribed consumption of this antihypertensive drug is close, bypass the neglected Minipress dose and return to your usual dose schedule.

More Information

Minipress pills allow controlling the diastolic or systolic blood strainbut the antihypertensive impact is more pronounced on the diastolic blood strain. The efficacy of blood pressure management with Minipress remains at the same level and does not rely upon the period of treatment with those pills.


Minipress pills ought to be stored at room temperature no longer exceeding 30°C in a warm, dry place out of attaining of children.