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Diltiazem - has anti-anginal, antiarrhythmic, and hypotensive effects. Reduces the intracellular renovation of Ca2+ in cardiomyocytes and cells of clean muscles of blood vessels, reduces coronary heart rate, shows the insignificant terrible inotropic effect, improves a coronary, mind, and renal blood flow.

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Drug Uses

Diltiazem is a medicine with antianginal, vasodilating, and antihypertensive properties. Diltiazem is indicated for decreasing the threat of cardiovascular activities in adult patients with:

moderate to moderate hypertension
chronic stable angina (inclusive of exertional angina)
slight to excessive angina pectoris (attempt angina)
Diltiazem is effective in treating various kinds of angina, including angina:

in patients with everyday ventricular function
caused by atherosclerotic coronary artery disease
without evidence of vasospasm or resulting from coronary artery spasm
Maintenance Diltiazem dosage can vary substantially and generally do now not exceed 360mg per day (single dose or in two divided doses).

Missed dose

If you missed the prescribed Diltiazem dosage, take this antianginal /antihypertensive agent as soon as possible. But bypass the missed dose, if it's far nearly time for the next Diltiazem dose. Just resume the everyday dosing agenda of Diltiazem.

More Information

Diltiazem may be administered in combination with other medicines for cardiovascular illnesses treatment, or ineffectiveness or contraindications to alternative antianginal / antihypertensive therapy.


Diltiazem has to be saved at room temperature of about 25°C. Protect from sunlight and excessive humidity.