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The remedy is blue or white tablets, the dose of the lively substance is 75, 100, and 150 mg. Tablets have a bitter taste and a mild anesthetic effect on the oral mucosa. Pills may be speedy dissolved in water. Bupron is a second-generation antidepressant. Its effectiveness as an anti-nicotine drug is based totally on the suppression of mental dependence on nicotine (nicotine dependence), in addition to on the direct antidepressant effect, which reduces the terrible manifestations that appear when a person offers up smoking.

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Bupron SR is indicated for combating depression. Its primary active element is bupropion.

Important! Teenagers and more youthful patients using this drug can be at a significant level of danger for suicidal tendencies or thoughts. All the above patient categories ought to be observed at the same time as going through antidepressant therapy. Contact your primary care health practitioner immediately if recent, worsened, or unexpected symptoms emerge, together with low mood, anxiousness, restlessness, irritability, uncommon or unusual behavior, or panic attacks. Call your health practitioner without delay if there is a manifestation of suicidal tendencies or thoughts.

Bupron SR incorporates the equal lively ingredients as Zyban, a drug designed to fight the smoking habit, and Aplenzin, another commonly applied remedy in remedies of depression. You have to no longer co-administer these pharmaceuticals.

This drug is associated with a higher risk of seizures. Seizures may also arise with even better possibility when the medication is blended with alcohol, or excessive doses of the drug are administered for a prolonged time.

How to take

Take the installed dose of Bupron SR orally no matter mealtime. If your belly gets disappointed with administrations, take with a few foods to decrease stomach irritation.

It may additionally take a couple of extra weeks before you start feeling better. However, even if your symptoms recede, do no longer discontinue the drug without suitable directions from your health practitioner.

Take your measured quantity of medication at strictly the same hour every day, with a minimum spacing of 6 hours unless instructed in any other case by your physician.