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Accupril, that's quinapril, medication with hypotensive, natriuretic, cardio-protecting impact and vasodilating properties. It is used in case of arterial hypertension (mono- or combined therapy), coronary heart failure (blended therapy).

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Drug uses

Accupril is prescribed to patients suffering from hypertension. It is prescribed by doctors as a monotherapy and also in combination with thiazide diuretics collectively with beta-adreno-blockers. And even in case of coronary heart failure, expressed in the persistent form (in conjunction with diuretics and cardiac glycosides) The drug has many excellent responses from patients who took it for treatment.

These pills include an enzyme of their composition, which conduces to the method of narrowing vessels simultaneously, increasing their tone. This result is achieved due to the adrenal cortex, which contributes to the manufacturing of aldosterone.